6 Ways To Save Money

Sunday, 7 October 2018

I am all about saving money. I think it is so important, no matter how much you have, to try and save some, in any way! Recently, I have realised that I have a few tips and tricks to share when it comes to being careful with money.

1) Shop around- this is one of my top tips, saving money does not have to mean depriving yourself of things you want, but it can mean looking for cheaper alternatives. For example, there was a jumper I wanted in Zara for £40. I did not want to spend that on the jumper. I went into Primark and there was a very similar jumper for £13. The quality of the Primark one is still really good and has washed well! You really can get cheaper alternatives to everything. I am definitely not a brand snob, looking for dupes honestly saves me hundreds.

2) Budget- *sometimes* when I go out shopping I only bring a certain amount of money to spend so that I cannot possibly spend any more, even if I am tempted. This way, I have set a reasonable amount that I am happy to spend and I can not go over that, if I do not spend it all, even better- more to save! This works so well for me, although I do not do this every time I go shopping, because sometimes you just need a crazy spree, right?!

3) Track expenses- keep your receipts, not only so you can see how much you have been spending but if you decide you do not want something, you can get the money back. The amount of times in the past I have bought things and never worn them but could not take them back because I had no receipt. It is the most irritating thing! I like to keep all of my receipts together in a purse so that I do not loose them.

4) Sell- technically not saving but getting money you would not otherwise get back. That top you are about to throw out because you have had you wear out of it, might sell on eBay for £5. Even £3. All of this adds up and you could make hundreds by selling stuff you no longer want. I love to eBay old stuff (and some new stuff that I never wore..ooppss) and I really have made a good amount from it.

5) Save your pounds- literally, put those pound coins, 10ps, 20ps,whatever, that are in your bag, in a money jar.  It is easy to spend £1 thinking its only a £1, but when you save them you realise it adds up!

6) Look for voucher codes- final tip, especially for ordering online, when I am about to order from a website, I will always google "X voucher codes", and sometimes you will find a 10/20 or even 30% off voucher! That can save you money without even really trying, they are easy to find too. Not all of them work but when they do, it is worth it!

Do you have any other money saving tips? I would love to read them in the comments below!

Ellie x

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