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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Hello everyone,

Today we have another different post. I’m not really one who is in crazily fashion but I do love shopping and buying new clothes (who doesn’t?). After finding a new app that I am obsessing over "21 buttons" (follow me: lifeofellabella) I was inspired to share with you one of my most worn outfits at the moment.

Primark is the place to be in terms of affordable fashion. The only issue with everything being “cheap” is that you fill your basket “because it’s cheap” and then get to the till and it’s no longer that cheap, anyone relate?

Full Look

Dont mind me and my awkward pose trying to be a model...(cringing badly right now).
Everything apart from the bag is from Primark and I personally think this outfit looks much more expensive than £25 (including shoes).

I paired the outfit with these boots, which for me are something very different and out there. I am very much a comfy flats kinda girl but when I saw these I feel in love. They just add something unique to the outfit. I wasn't sure if they would match but they did, however they would also look amazing with jeans and a plain top. Plus THEY ARE COMFORTABLE.
I never thought I would be so excited over floral boots...

I hope you enjoyed this less wordy more OOTD post.
Be sure to let me know if you’d like to see more similar posts.
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Ellie x

My Skincare Routine

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday I am back with my skincare routine.
Without sounding vain, I have pretty good skin, a fingers crossed, my skin has been pretty good all throughout my teenage years.
Seeing as I have managed to keep my skin very clear, I thought I would share with you guys exactly how I do so.

First of all I will give you a brief outline of my skin type: normal skin with some dry patches. I rarely get spots and my skin is extremely sensitive.

Now of course there are days where I used a different face cream, or face wash, or buy a new product to try... however I am going to show you my 'holy grail' skin care products.

Normally the first thing I would do is remove my eye makeup using this micellar water as mascara tends to be the trickiest product to remove.
This micellar water is 'oil infused' which just makes my skin feel absolutely lovely. It is brilliant for my skin type however there are other variations which may suit you more.
My eyes are very sensitive, as are many peoples eyes, however this does not cause any irritation.
I would just like to add that this micellar water is extremely affordable which is always a bonus.

I then move on to my cleanser. This cleansing balm is stunning. It is by emma hardie, it smells lovely and it leaves your skin feeling clean and nourished. I take a small amount and take time to massage it into my face, the more you massage it the more oil like it becomes. Taking a warm wet cleansing cloth that comes with the balm, I removed the oil- and along with it my makeup.
However, this lovely balm does not come cheap at £50 a tub, hence why this is normally on my birthday or christmas list! Although I must say, such a small amount is needed that this lasts for about a year.
The only downside is that if you get this near your eyes it can cause your eyes to feel sticky/sore, which is of course unpleasant, hence why I remove eye makeup before hand.

A cheaper alternative to the balm would be this pair. A garnier cleanser and a NO7 toner. I use a cotton pad to rub the cleansing lotion all over my face and then another pad to remove then cleansing lotion.I repeat this until all makeup is gone! Again I will use a cotton pad to apply toner, however I do not remove the toner.

These two products work very well together and they work really well when I have had a more minimal makeup day. Days were I am wearing full coverage makeup then this cleanser might not quite reach the needed standard!

This cream is the moisture restore night cream, it has a beautiful gel like texture which is refreshing and almost tightening. My skin just feels lovely the next day. I don't have anything to say other than: perfect affordable cleanser.

Finally I apply my eye cream, which is currently this Kiehls avocado eye treatment. For someone who suffers with heavy eye bags, a good eye cream is somewhat essential. I can assure you that this cream is fab and I am very sad that it is running out. Kiehls, I will be back soon to repurchase.

That is it for todays post. I hope this helped some of you and I hope you enjoy any products you try.
Tweet or comment products you love.

Ellie x

Tanya Burr Cosmetics: Selfie Lash

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Hello Everyone,

So this is a bit of a last minute post and a surprise post because today I was lucky enough to come home to one of Tanya Burrs new products: Selfie Lash. I entered the competition, without even thinking I would win and it honestly made my day!
I just had to try out the mascara and I thought why not give your guys my first impression?

As you can see, the packaging to this mascara is beautiful. It is a lovely gold colour with black 'swirly', italic kind of font  (I don't know what it is called haha). The mascara actually feels quite heavy as opposed to cheap/plastic packaging.
I don't actually know the price but from what I see and feel, this product feels great quality.

I think the packaging is very different to any of Tanya's other ranges- but definitely in a good way.

The actual brush is a hard brush and it is quite flexible. For me, this is the perfect brush.
It makes the mascara really easy to precisely apply, avoiding any smudges across your eyelids.
There isn't much more I can say about a brush really, I guess it is down to personal preference.

Now finally here is a picture of me and the mascara. I have go the mascara on and it made my eyelashes long and separated. It only needed 2 coats and my eyelashes were pure black, long, separated and had 'volume'.

Overall, I would highly rate this mascara and it is one that I will be turning to daily and I can imagine myself repurchasing this time and time again.

I hope this review has helped you and if you buy it, let me know what you think via twitter or the comments below!

Will be back on Sunday with my skincare routine!

Ellie x

Revolution Palette Review: Flawless 3

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Hi everyone,

Now seeing as autumn is here, I thought it was only right to share my current favourite "autumnal" eyeshadow look.
I then realised that my favourite look wasn't just a simple look- it was the whole palette because seriously I am obsessed.
I won't lie to you, I always doubted revolution. In terms of eyeshadow I often turned to Mac or Too Faced or Urban Decay and never really considered the more affordable brands.
When I looked at this palette and saw it was only £8 I thought it was worth a try- and boy am I glad that I tried it.
The colours, the pigmentation, the packaging- basically everything- about this palette is stunning.


The Rose Gold packaging drew me to this palette, its beautiful. Although, it does get rather dirty which is a little irritating. But we can get over that, right?

Now the actual colours:

Seriously, what other colours do you need? Mattes, shimmers, highlights, its got it all.The colours go from everyday wear to a smoky eye. The whole palette is quite warm toned which really suits my skin tone.
Recently I have loved wearing "believing" in my crease and any of the shimmer shade in the middle of my eye as an everyday look. I never thought purple toned eyeshadows suited me, I always kind of thought it made me look like I had a black eye, but again I was wrong. As long as you blend well and choose the right toned colours its all good!

Revolution I am impressed. Affordable, check. Pigmented, check. Variety, check. AND I forgot to mention that there is barely any fall out. There is some colours that have more fall out but no more than palettes which you pay £40 for.
Honestly, I don't think I am going to be able to justify buying expensive eyeshadows ever again. Which is a good thing!

Let me know what you think of this palette and if you recommend any other affordable brands.
Twitter: @_ellabellax

Ellie x

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