Haircare Essentials

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Haircare is a tricky one, I find it hard to find products that really make a difference to my hair without making my hair full of product or greasy looking. 

My hair is dry and curly but I have finally found products that make my hair smooth and shiny. All of my haircare products are from Lush, I love Lush for being cruelty free and for making products that genuinely work and contain lovely ingredients (defo not a sponsored post btw- I wish haha)

Shampoo- Lush Honey Shampoo Bar

I think the concept of a shampoo bar is incredible, more brands need to release packaging free products, it is such an eco-friendly way to buy haircare.
That said, the actual shampoo is also incredible, the bar lathers well and since converting to using a shampoo bar my hair has felt lighter and healthier. I don't know if it is because the shampoo is not so thick and so you are applying less product or if it is the fact that the honey leaves my hair light and shiny.
This is great for dry hair like mine however Lush has a range of shampoo bars for a variety of hair types so you should definitely check them out!

Co-wash- Avocado co-wash

This can be used as a shampoo and conditioner in one however i use this in between my shampoo and conditioner which may seem excessive however for me it is worth it. The avocado is super softening however for me this is not intense enough to be a conditioner so I like to use it in-between. Since adding this into my hair routine, my hair detangles easier! Also if I am totally honest,  the smell is irresistible!

Conditioner- Lush retread 
Possibly one of the thickest conditioners I have ever used, this feels more like a hair treatment- which I adore. I apply this all over my hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes which is not necessary but for me, I like leaving my conditioner on for maximum effect. I have never found a conditioner that works so well for my hair.

Hair moisturiser- R&B
R&B is an excellent product if you have dry hair, it makes such a difference to my hair, it makes my hair feel soft and tame. The only con is that the smell is not my fave and if you apply too much your hair may appear greasy. That said, this lasts such a long time as you need a small amount!

I would love to hear about your favourite or go to hair care products, be sure to let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Tips for a better nights sleep

Sunday, 3 February 2019

In the last few years I have struggled with burning the candle at both ends, basically I go to bed late and wake up early. I know what you are thinking, 'just go to bed earlier'. But genuinely, I cant! I go to bed at 10pm and I won't be asleep until at least 12 or 1 (am) and then will be awake again by around 5am. I have almost become conditioned to this as I no longer really get that tired.

After years of late nights for studying (GCSE then A Level- I was studying obsessed) and waking up early to study as much as possible, I now naturally wake up early. It is almost as though the stress from exams still sits with me, months after leaving school.

I am gradually becoming less stressed and less productivity obsessed however I am still struggling to fully rest and sleep. I am convinced that the reason I cannot sleep is because my brain is used to being alert the whole time, probably down to anxiety too.

I have recently tried to improve my sleeping pattern, I am going to share with my tips:

Tips for a better nights sleep:

(Not my pic, cannot find credit- tumblr)

1) Put your phone on the other side of the room

 I know this is now a tip that has been shared for ages, but I never really listened to it and I really should have. It is so easy to lay in your bed and scroll on your phone for over an hour without even realising so seriously, put it on the other side of the room. This is a bonus because if you set an alarm then you actually have to get up to turn it off.

2) Wind down early

Don't take your makeup off, have a shower and get your pj's just before bed, make sure you are relaxed and ready at least an hour before. I personally like to be 'settled' (lol how old am I) an hour before bed so I can watch a tv programme and wind down. If I don't do this, I feel wide awake before bed- which is not helpful if you are trying to get more sleep.

(Not my pic, cannot find credit- tumblr)

3) Have a warm drink

Not everyone will relate but I hate feeling cold before bed, I just cannot get comfortable. It would probably be easier to get an extra blanket but I personally like to have a warm drink (hot chocolate or tea) before bed so that I feel warm from within- which sounds weird but is true! It helps me relax and feel cosy.

4) Prepare for the next day

If you are working the next day or have something you have to be ready for, get prepared the night before. This way, you have no stress of tomorrow in your head whilst you're trying to sleep. It is easier to to relax knowing everything is ready and having a plan, I know for sure that this helps me as I thrive off organisation.

I would love to hear any of your tips in the comments as I still do struggle to get a good nights sleep, though these tips have helped!

Ellie x

Skincare Saviours

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Skin/body care is a really important part of my life, I really enjoy trying out different products and looking after my skin. However, there are some products I have discovered that I really adore and will always re-buy so I thought I would share them with you!

Mario Badescu drying lotion

Ok so maybe every blogger and youtuber has spoken about this 100 times already but now I finally get the hype- this thing is just amazing. I never believed that this could actually make spots disappear so quickly, but it definitely can. I apply this before bed whenever I have a blemish and normally it has gone by the next day or after a couple of applications. This is going to be one of those products I buy time and time again. The only con I can think of is the fact that it really does dry the skin around the spot so try to only apply this where you really need it!

Mario Badescu facial spray 

Normally with these kind of sprays I feel like they are doing nothing but making me feel refreshed. However, this spray really makes a difference to my skin. Since using this, my skin has felt softer and   hydrated. I especially love spraying this throughout the day to help give my skin a quick boost of hydration! It definitely helps balance the skin too seeing as rose is a gentle and calming ingredient.

Liz Earle deep cleansing mask

I use this mask once a week to purify and deeply cleanse (as the name would suggest) my skin. I feel so clean and fresh after using this and my skin always looks brighter. Sometimes I use this more often if my skin is being problematic however normally once a week and my skin is good to go! If you want something to balance and purify your skin then this is the mask to go for.

Ro's Argan body conditioner (LUSH)

This may be pricey but is so beautiful, I use this body conditioner in the shower, wash it off and my skin stays beautifully soft! Who wants to have to moisture after the shower when you can do it in the shower?! The smell of this body conditioner is gorgeous too and the ingredients are beautiful (almond oil , argan oil and shea butter being just a few).


et me know your skincare/bodycare holy grails in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

How To Keep Fit and Motivated

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Keeping fit can seem like such an overwhelming task that you just want to put off because it is too much effort, well that is what I used to think anyway. And, I guess it can be. Keeping fit is something some people pour a lot of energy into, whether that be meal prepping, working out 5 times a week, organising workout routines etc.. however, try to remember that it does not have to be that complicated. The most important thing to remember, out of everything, is that healthy/fit looks different on everyone! Health does not equal being ripped or super toned, you can be fit and healthy without that too. I am no professional, but I thought I could share my personal fitness tips :)

1) Drink Water

Yes, we have heard this 100 million times before, but guess what- it really helps! Since consciously drinking more water I feel more energetic, my skin looks clearer, there are so many benefits, and of course, the more energy you have the better- right?!

2) Establish a routine

A routine sounds restrictive and regimental but again, it does not have to be. Find a routine that works for you and you can manage. I may want to work out Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays whilst you many want to work out 3 days a week- whenever you can rather than having set days. You may want to have certain days where you do different workouts- leg day/ abs/ arms/ cardio. You need to find a routine that suits your lifestyle! There is no such thing as doing it 'wrong', exercise is very personal to you.

3) Exercise for fun!

Exercise and fun may sound like polar opposites to you however this is the problem, it should not be this way. I believe there is a form of exercise out there for everyone, you just need to find the one you enjoy. Lets say I hated going to the gym- I can workout from home, go for runs, do a fitness DVD, yoga, join a class, dance, or simply incorporate a walk into my day. Exercise need not be something dreaded. If you find a form of exercise you enjoy, it will make it a whole lot easier. I like to mix up for form of exercise I do to stop myself getting bored of it, you don't want it to become a chore! If exercise becomes something you enjoy, you will actually want to do it.

4) Balance

As with pretty much anything in life- balance is necessary. When it comes to food, your diet does play a key role in your health and fitness but this does not mean you need to cut out every piece of sugar/ junk form your diet. At the end of the day, food is food and is there to give us energy but also to be social and to enjoy! Therefore cutting out the things you love is just miserable- lets be real! So I like to know that I can enjoy any food I want, however in a sensible and balanced way. One day I may reach for an apple but one day I most certainly will reach for a chocolate bar!

I hope this post helped in some way, let me know your top tips in the comments so we can all get even more tips and guidance!

Thanks for reading,

My Go To Natural Makeup: 5 minute makeup look

Sunday, 13 January 2019

I have definitely grown to love the natural makeup look, I would pick a light tinted cream over a full coverage foundation any day, I just hate that feeling of having thick makeup on your skin, it literally feels heavy! Even though I get the odd blemish or dark circles, I would rather use a bit of concealer or even not look 'flawless' than wearing heavy makeup.  Of course, there are times where I do go pick a full coverage foundation but on an every day basis, I would rather allow my skin to breathe.

When I am not following my autumn makeup look (here), this is the one I go for!

 I am going to share my 'natural makeup look essentials', the whole makeup look is pictured above however I am going to pick out a few of my faves to share with you in a bit more detail. The reason why this post is also called '5 minute makeup look' is because I really can apply all of these products in around 5 minutes, it is such a quick and easy look.

Body Shop insta-blur primer 

If you read my post including my staple skincare products (here), you'll already know that I love and trust the body shop for skincare, the same goes for this primer. 'All in one insta-blur' is my go to primer. Although, I do not use this all over my face, I use it on my nose, chin and forehead, where my makeup would typically wear away from first. I find that it really smooths over my skin and creates the perfect base- it is an incredible dupe for the Porefessional by benefit. 

Though using two primers may be excessive, they are two very different primers. Hocus Focus by Soap&Glory is an illuminator that I use all over my face, it makes me glow. Like seriously- GLOW. It is incredible, I do definitely have to put a tinted cream over the top or foundation because on its own, it really would be too glowy, however underneath my tinted cream, it is absolutely perfect.

 Bare Minerals complexion rescue is a product I have repurchased several times. It is so quick and easy to apply, it feels extremely light on the skin and overall gives you an even skin tone, with very minimal coverage. It has enough coverage to cover any redness but it would not cover a blemish or dark under eyes, hence why I often use a concealer too (Naked Skin is one of the best!). It is called a 'gel cream', the formula is hydrating as it says, which is amazing for my dry skin! Another bonus is that it has SPF 30.

This is definitely a dupe for too faced blushers, it is one of I heart makeup's blushers, as you can see, it is more light a bronzer, blusher and highlighter all in one. I was apprehensive at first because I thought it would look streaky and overly glittery, but actually it gives you a sun-kissed glowy look that blends in naturally. Basically a 3 in one product, winning!!

I suffer from dry lips, especially in the winter, therefore this Kiko 'kiss balm' works really well, it gives my lips a rosy pink tint whilst hydrating my lips. There isn't much more to say about this, it is like a combination between a lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm.

I hope you enjoyed this post, especially if you are a lover of light natural makeup like me. Let me know your favourite natural look makeup products in the comments, I would love to try out some more products.

Ellie x

Simple ways to boost your self esteem

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Self esteem is defined as confidence in one's own worth or abilities. 

I think many of us lack self esteem, we lack confidence in ourselves for a variety of reasons. 
It is hard to boost our self esteem, especially in the world we live in- with endless pressures and standards of perfection. We can now constantly compare ourselves to others through social media and  it is really damaging!

As this is something I am working on myself, I thought I would share some of the simple changes I have been trying to make in hope of boosting my self esteem!

1) Time out

Time out will always be unique to you, what helps me switch off will not necessarily help you switch off. However, it is not about what you do, but how it makes you feel. My time out varies all of the time, some days I colour, others I watch reality tv and sometimes I go for a walk- it changes. But the main point and purpose of my time out is exactly that- time away from my stresses and worries, switching off from work and responsibilities. I cannot explain how important this is, but by taking time to de-focus, actually strengthens your potential when it comes to focusing and therefore boosts your confidence. Since actively ensuring I have time out every day, consistently, I have become more focused and able when necessary!

2) Unfollow

Now you don't need to go and unfollow everyone on instagram, but those accounts that make you feel unworthy or make you question yourself- they need to go. It is not a personal attack on anyone but sometimes we just have our own insecurities and certain accounts worsen them, it is not mean to unfollow, its ok to be selfish sometimes. It has taken me ages to learn this but it is completely true, sometimes such a simple change can be really empowering.

3) Find Inspiration 

Now you have cleared away negativity, maybe it is time to find some inspiration! Follow accounts that share quotes that empower you, follow accounts that inspire you, follow accounts that give you joy and something to work towards. This has helped me realise my potential, seeing a positive and inspiring quote on my feed may not drastically improve my self esteem however they do help me think positively, which is in the right direction- right?!

4) Practice what you're good at

Do the things you love, and do them again. When I do something I am good at, I feel a sense of achievement. It reminds me that we all have skills and we all have our own thing that makes us unique. You may think- ' I am rubbish at everything' or ' I don't have a skill' but you do. You really do! It may be something simple or something extraordinary, it doesn't matter, it is the feeling you get once you complete something- whether that be a puzzle or a marathon.

I hope this helps you improve your self esteem, please share any of your tips with me in the comments too!

Ellie xxx

New Year, New Me?

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

First things first, Happy New Year

New Year is such an exciting time, I see it as the perfect opportunity to fully reset, a new leaf, a new chapter! Of course you can set goals and make changes anytime you want (or not at all) however personally, I love the idea of having a fresh start and going into a new year with a fresh mind.

I don't naturally have an extremely positive mindset however I have altered my way of reacting to situations and my way of thinking to enhance positives. I try my very best to ensure that I keep my head high and focus on the blissful moments of life. Therefore, I see New Year as an opportunity to devote my attention to all of my goals, no matter how big and ridiculous and start making vision boards, which sounds cringey but is actually super refreshing.

Basically I take a step back to revisit my year before I take the plunge into a new one- and I love it!

2018 was a great year, but I think 2019 can be better. There certainly were struggles and down moments in 2018, I actually became my happiest halfway through the year post A Level stress and drama. Consequently, I am hoping I can really conquer my fears in 2019 and take as many opportunities as possible.

I certainly want to devote more time and energy to my blog, which sort of got a bit neglected during December with Christmas madness and work. 2019 will be the year I make my blog how I truly want it to be!

I want to focus on friendships, I want to manage my anxiety better and I want to enjoy myself, without putting a ton of pressure on perfectionism!

Overall, I am hoping 2019 is the happiest, best year yet, for both you and I!
What are your goals?!

Ellie x

Podcasts I Have Been Loving

Saturday, 22 December 2018

It is safe to say that I have been absolutely loving podcasts at the moment. Podcasts are incredible, they allow me to switch off from the world- whilst being entertained. It is an alternative to TV or youtube or music, a more relaxing form!
Whilst walking the dog, falling asleep, or just doing bits and bobs around the house, podcasts are the perfect option.

I thought I would share with you the podcasts I have been loving.

1) Happy Place- Fearne Cotton

I find Fearne Cotton really inspiring, I have for a while, she is so real and honest- you'll know this if you follow her on instagram. Her podcast is no different, she has deep chats with each of her guests, discussing important and personal topics, particularly associated with mental health. Though this is not a light hearted podcast, it is so interesting and calming to listen to, you may relate to one of the chats or you may simple learn something new. Either way, I find Happy Place truly that- a podcast in which I can listen to in order to feel calm and comforted.

2) Happy Mum Happy Baby- Giovanna Fletcher

No I am not pregnant, nor have I ever had a baby. I am only 18 and do not intend on having a baby anytime soon... yet I still absolutely love listening to this podcast in which parents, mainly mums, discuss their experience with pregnancy and child birth. Though I cannot relate to this podcast, I love hearing about peoples experiences and 'celebrities' being so down to earth and real about their childbirth experience. The only downfall is that it has put me off having children because childbirth sounds horrifically painful if I am completely honest haha.

This may sound odd but I just find Giovanna's voice really calming, I like the way she goes about the interview and how it is more like a conversation other than an interview for a podcast. Definitely have a listen, whether you are pregnant or not!

3) Loose Lips

The newest addition to my subscription. Truly hilarious. Some people may find this one a bit offensive or may disagree with some of the opinions, but personally, I really enjoy listening to people sharing their real opinions without fear of judgement, I find it really refreshing. It is very much a rant podcast, but again, I love that about it!

4) At Home With

This series has come to an end, I am literally awaiting the next one! Lily and Anna are incredible youtubers who I watched for years, I was beyond excited when I found out they were doing a podcast. It is different to any other podcast I have listened to before, in that Lily and Anna really speak about a variety of topics on every episode. It is formal in the sense of describing the surroundings and introducing themselves, however the conversation is very casual, especially the most recent episode with Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly.

I hope you found a podcast that you like the sound of, let me know your thoughts as well as your recommendations!

Ellie x

A festive day in London

Sunday, 9 December 2018

This post is going to be picture based, including some snaps I took of all things festive in London- Carnaby Street. London is stunning and so christmassy at the moment, it was a beautiful day!

Liberty was like a shopping winter wonderland, the detail was gorgeous and it was clear how much thought was put into the design. The Christmas shop in Liberty was particularly festive, the fairy lights and the quirky decorations.

Dreaming of one these wreaths on every door in my house!

Yep, that is an indoor wonderland, absolutely stunning!

If you are looking for a modern Christmas, Carnaby street is the place to be. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, what city is you favourite during christmas? 

I would adore to visit NYC at christmas!


Real talk: When Anxiety Became A Trend...

Sunday, 2 December 2018

I am worried that this post is going to be a bit of a rant, but at the same time, I feel passionate about this topic (as I am sure many others do) and so I feel like I need a little rant.

Anxiety is a mental illness that unfortunately affects so many people. People who suffer with anxiety and are brave enough to speak about it and share their experience with the view of helping others and ending the stigma should be supported, loved and respected. However, I have seen- several times- people being told that they are 'attention seekers', they are 'copying X' and are just 'joining a trend' when they share they have anxiety.

This deeply saddens me, not only because I know what it is like to suffer with anxiety, but because anxiety is an actual illness that affects people daily. It affects everyone differently, there is no rule book stating how everyone with anxiety feels because no universal feeling exists. After bravely sharing something so personal the last thing one needs is hate and criticism.

With the hard work of many and the pure courage of many, people are slowly breaking down stigmas attached to mental illness such as anxiety, why create yet another barrier for people ? I am sure there are many people who are afraid to share their story in fear of being accused of following a trend/making it up/exaggerating or being belittled by being told 'everyone gets anxious'.

Maybe more people than ever before have anxiety, but more people than ever before are active on social media and feel the constant pressure to meet certain standards. Social expectations seem to be constantly rising. We are used to communicating online, making it harder for people to interact socially- in *real* life. Or maybe mental illness is actually spoken about now and therefore more people realise that they are actually suffering.

I think people who are admitting that they have anxiety- or any other mental illness for that matter- should be praised. Not because mental illness should be glamourised, but because in an online world full of so much criticism, opening up can be so scary. A supportive comment could mean the world to that person.

Anxiety is not a trend, it is not 'trendy'. It is a real problem for so many.
Giving a label to a mental illness is only adding to stigma, which we do not need at all!

If you would like to read more about pressure and positivity, you can do that here.

Ellie x

Things I Learnt After Leaving School

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Since completing my A-Levels I have learnt so much. Of course I learnt a lot during education but really, I have learnt a whole lot more post education,

School doesn't teach you 'real life'. School is a bubble which you get so caught up in, when you leave, you see the world differently, well in my experience anyway. Friends, lessons, teachers, grades, exams, homework, sports etc.. all whilst trying to grow up and figure out what you want to do. Everything at school felt like a massive deal and the be all and end all when in actual fact, nothing is the 'end of the world' (if that makes any sense).

I want to share with you a few of the things I have realised since leaving education and working.

1) Nobody cares

 This may sound harsh or mean but seriously, everyone is focused on their life and their own problems. Yes people will care about you and how you are, but we spend too much time worrying about how we look and how we are perceived when, really, everyone is caught up in their own business to even think about yours. At school I was so worried about others opinions, but just months after leaving school I am much more care free, knowing that people are busy doing their own thing.

2) Popularity doesn't matter 

Similar to the previous one but popularity is irrelevant. There is no such thing, we are all just people trying to get on with our lives. There is a 'hierarchy' in the work place or higher education but popularity as such is not an issue. Though in school I didn't strive to be 'popular' it is interesting how you realise that it really is just something for schools.

3) Grades don't define success 

It saddens me how much I let grades affect me at school. I worried about my grades so much and worked excessively hard for grades that I didn't actually 'need'. Yes, getting grades is an amazing achievement but once you leave school there are so many more factors which define your success. To be honest, I no longer strive to be the most successful or to do the 'best', I just want to be happy- which sounds cliche but it is true. Happiness over an A* any day!

4) Getting a job is hard

No matter what grades you have, getting a job is so hard. Whether that be in retail, media, finance, property etc.. it is a challenge and a half to find a job with a decent salary. I thought it would be easy, which was silly of me. You really have to work for the job you want, you have to compete with hundreds of others who also want that job and prove that you are the right one for the role. It is so difficult and grades will only take you so far. But once you find that job you want, and you get it, it is one of the best feelings ever!

5) There is so much more to life

I think this sounds so cringey but again it is so true. In school you are bubble wrapped, you are with the same people all day, all week, you know your routine, you have holidays etc.. I am not undermining school- it is hard, but once you leave school it is quite a shock. I have realised that there is so much more to life than this little bubble of school and routine. So many more people, places and opportunities. Leaving education has been one of the best things for me because I have met so many people already and have found new hobbies which I love.

This post was personal to me, of course we all have different experiences. I left school after A Levels and decided not to go to university and from that experience I have already learnt a lot and I am feeling excited for the future! 

What have you learnt after leaving school? Was your experience different to mine?

Ellie x
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