New Year, New Me?

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

First things first, Happy New Year

New Year is such an exciting time, I see it as the perfect opportunity to fully reset, a new leaf, a new chapter! Of course you can set goals and make changes anytime you want (or not at all) however personally, I love the idea of having a fresh start and going into a new year with a fresh mind.

I don't naturally have an extremely positive mindset however I have altered my way of reacting to situations and my way of thinking to enhance positives. I try my very best to ensure that I keep my head high and focus on the blissful moments of life. Therefore, I see New Year as an opportunity to devote my attention to all of my goals, no matter how big and ridiculous and start making vision boards, which sounds cringey but is actually super refreshing.

Basically I take a step back to revisit my year before I take the plunge into a new one- and I love it!

2018 was a great year, but I think 2019 can be better. There certainly were struggles and down moments in 2018, I actually became my happiest halfway through the year post A Level stress and drama. Consequently, I am hoping I can really conquer my fears in 2019 and take as many opportunities as possible.

I certainly want to devote more time and energy to my blog, which sort of got a bit neglected during December with Christmas madness and work. 2019 will be the year I make my blog how I truly want it to be!

I want to focus on friendships, I want to manage my anxiety better and I want to enjoy myself, without putting a ton of pressure on perfectionism!

Overall, I am hoping 2019 is the happiest, best year yet, for both you and I!
What are your goals?!

Ellie x

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