Simple ways to boost your self esteem

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Self esteem is defined as confidence in one's own worth or abilities. 

I think many of us lack self esteem, we lack confidence in ourselves for a variety of reasons. 
It is hard to boost our self esteem, especially in the world we live in- with endless pressures and standards of perfection. We can now constantly compare ourselves to others through social media and  it is really damaging!

As this is something I am working on myself, I thought I would share some of the simple changes I have been trying to make in hope of boosting my self esteem!

1) Time out

Time out will always be unique to you, what helps me switch off will not necessarily help you switch off. However, it is not about what you do, but how it makes you feel. My time out varies all of the time, some days I colour, others I watch reality tv and sometimes I go for a walk- it changes. But the main point and purpose of my time out is exactly that- time away from my stresses and worries, switching off from work and responsibilities. I cannot explain how important this is, but by taking time to de-focus, actually strengthens your potential when it comes to focusing and therefore boosts your confidence. Since actively ensuring I have time out every day, consistently, I have become more focused and able when necessary!

2) Unfollow

Now you don't need to go and unfollow everyone on instagram, but those accounts that make you feel unworthy or make you question yourself- they need to go. It is not a personal attack on anyone but sometimes we just have our own insecurities and certain accounts worsen them, it is not mean to unfollow, its ok to be selfish sometimes. It has taken me ages to learn this but it is completely true, sometimes such a simple change can be really empowering.

3) Find Inspiration 

Now you have cleared away negativity, maybe it is time to find some inspiration! Follow accounts that share quotes that empower you, follow accounts that inspire you, follow accounts that give you joy and something to work towards. This has helped me realise my potential, seeing a positive and inspiring quote on my feed may not drastically improve my self esteem however they do help me think positively, which is in the right direction- right?!

4) Practice what you're good at

Do the things you love, and do them again. When I do something I am good at, I feel a sense of achievement. It reminds me that we all have skills and we all have our own thing that makes us unique. You may think- ' I am rubbish at everything' or ' I don't have a skill' but you do. You really do! It may be something simple or something extraordinary, it doesn't matter, it is the feeling you get once you complete something- whether that be a puzzle or a marathon.

I hope this helps you improve your self esteem, please share any of your tips with me in the comments too!

Ellie xxx

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