My Go To Natural Makeup: 5 minute makeup look

Sunday, 13 January 2019

I have definitely grown to love the natural makeup look, I would pick a light tinted cream over a full coverage foundation any day, I just hate that feeling of having thick makeup on your skin, it literally feels heavy! Even though I get the odd blemish or dark circles, I would rather use a bit of concealer or even not look 'flawless' than wearing heavy makeup.  Of course, there are times where I do go pick a full coverage foundation but on an every day basis, I would rather allow my skin to breathe.

When I am not following my autumn makeup look (here), this is the one I go for!

 I am going to share my 'natural makeup look essentials', the whole makeup look is pictured above however I am going to pick out a few of my faves to share with you in a bit more detail. The reason why this post is also called '5 minute makeup look' is because I really can apply all of these products in around 5 minutes, it is such a quick and easy look.

Body Shop insta-blur primer 

If you read my post including my staple skincare products (here), you'll already know that I love and trust the body shop for skincare, the same goes for this primer. 'All in one insta-blur' is my go to primer. Although, I do not use this all over my face, I use it on my nose, chin and forehead, where my makeup would typically wear away from first. I find that it really smooths over my skin and creates the perfect base- it is an incredible dupe for the Porefessional by benefit. 

Though using two primers may be excessive, they are two very different primers. Hocus Focus by Soap&Glory is an illuminator that I use all over my face, it makes me glow. Like seriously- GLOW. It is incredible, I do definitely have to put a tinted cream over the top or foundation because on its own, it really would be too glowy, however underneath my tinted cream, it is absolutely perfect.

 Bare Minerals complexion rescue is a product I have repurchased several times. It is so quick and easy to apply, it feels extremely light on the skin and overall gives you an even skin tone, with very minimal coverage. It has enough coverage to cover any redness but it would not cover a blemish or dark under eyes, hence why I often use a concealer too (Naked Skin is one of the best!). It is called a 'gel cream', the formula is hydrating as it says, which is amazing for my dry skin! Another bonus is that it has SPF 30.

This is definitely a dupe for too faced blushers, it is one of I heart makeup's blushers, as you can see, it is more light a bronzer, blusher and highlighter all in one. I was apprehensive at first because I thought it would look streaky and overly glittery, but actually it gives you a sun-kissed glowy look that blends in naturally. Basically a 3 in one product, winning!!

I suffer from dry lips, especially in the winter, therefore this Kiko 'kiss balm' works really well, it gives my lips a rosy pink tint whilst hydrating my lips. There isn't much more to say about this, it is like a combination between a lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm.

I hope you enjoyed this post, especially if you are a lover of light natural makeup like me. Let me know your favourite natural look makeup products in the comments, I would love to try out some more products.

Ellie x

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