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Saturday, 22 December 2018

It is safe to say that I have been absolutely loving podcasts at the moment. Podcasts are incredible, they allow me to switch off from the world- whilst being entertained. It is an alternative to TV or youtube or music, a more relaxing form!
Whilst walking the dog, falling asleep, or just doing bits and bobs around the house, podcasts are the perfect option.

I thought I would share with you the podcasts I have been loving.

1) Happy Place- Fearne Cotton

I find Fearne Cotton really inspiring, I have for a while, she is so real and honest- you'll know this if you follow her on instagram. Her podcast is no different, she has deep chats with each of her guests, discussing important and personal topics, particularly associated with mental health. Though this is not a light hearted podcast, it is so interesting and calming to listen to, you may relate to one of the chats or you may simple learn something new. Either way, I find Happy Place truly that- a podcast in which I can listen to in order to feel calm and comforted.

2) Happy Mum Happy Baby- Giovanna Fletcher

No I am not pregnant, nor have I ever had a baby. I am only 18 and do not intend on having a baby anytime soon... yet I still absolutely love listening to this podcast in which parents, mainly mums, discuss their experience with pregnancy and child birth. Though I cannot relate to this podcast, I love hearing about peoples experiences and 'celebrities' being so down to earth and real about their childbirth experience. The only downfall is that it has put me off having children because childbirth sounds horrifically painful if I am completely honest haha.

This may sound odd but I just find Giovanna's voice really calming, I like the way she goes about the interview and how it is more like a conversation other than an interview for a podcast. Definitely have a listen, whether you are pregnant or not!

3) Loose Lips

The newest addition to my subscription. Truly hilarious. Some people may find this one a bit offensive or may disagree with some of the opinions, but personally, I really enjoy listening to people sharing their real opinions without fear of judgement, I find it really refreshing. It is very much a rant podcast, but again, I love that about it!

4) At Home With

This series has come to an end, I am literally awaiting the next one! Lily and Anna are incredible youtubers who I watched for years, I was beyond excited when I found out they were doing a podcast. It is different to any other podcast I have listened to before, in that Lily and Anna really speak about a variety of topics on every episode. It is formal in the sense of describing the surroundings and introducing themselves, however the conversation is very casual, especially the most recent episode with Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly.

I hope you found a podcast that you like the sound of, let me know your thoughts as well as your recommendations!

Ellie x

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