Real Talk: The Power Of Makeup

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Makeup is powerful- I think we all know that. Not only can makeup change the way we look but makeup can literally change the way we feel, the way we act, the way we carry ourselves and the way people perceive us. Makeup is more than products you apply to your face, but it can be a reflection of your personality or even a mask that makes you feel more 'able'.

 I love makeup, when I wear makeup I find myself feeling more confident and put together, I can choose what kind of look I want to go for that day, there are so many things I love about wearing makeup.

I see makeup as a form of art. People use makeup to express themselves, to show their individuality, to represent their passions or just to be creative. Sometimes I look at peoples makeup looks that they have shared online and I am honestly astonished by what they have been able to create.

Here is a look I created the other day, shimmery, glowy and fairly natural. I loved applying the makeup and I loved the way wearing it made me feel. I felt glowy, fresh, awake and I looked 1000% 'better' than when I was not wearing makeup. 

Would I have liked this picture without makeup? Honestly, no.
When I looked back at the picture, I realised I liked it because I liked the way my eyeshadow looked, the colour of my lipstick and my 'glow'. 

This worries me: makeup is all of the things I have mentioned, all of the positive feelings it brings and the creativity it gives. However, makeup is also controlling, obviously makeup itself does not control you but the way you feel towards it can. I find myself saying 'I need to do my makeup' 'I have to do my makeup' 'I can't because i'm not wearing makeup'.

But I don't need to, I don't have to and I can...not wearing makeup should not make us feel any less worthy or pretty or confident. 
Makeup is a choice (to an extent), but when we find ourselves saying things like ' I need to do my makeup', is it a choice anymore?
 Because I feel as though it isn't. I sometimes feel like I have to put it on in order to look acceptable. But I don't, this is so wrong!

"We should accept ourselves with and without makeup".

If you already do, that is amazing. But I know so many people don't and it saddens me, including myself.

It is hard because I genuinely love makeup, buying it and applying it, and I will continue to wear makeup, most days. But without makeup, my confidence should not drop, and it does.  I am not going to stop wearing makeup, but I am going to try and be more open to not wearing it.

I want to make sure it really is a choice and not a self imposed obligation, I want to make sure that I have enough confidence within myself to not wear makeup and still feel 'acceptable'.
I would never consider posting a picture without makeup, but why? We weren't born to wear makeup, there is nothing wrong with us without it.

Here is a makeup free selfie. The quality isn't great, there is no filter and not a scrap of makeup on my face. Do I like the picture, no- not particularly, but I think it is important to be able to accept the way we look with and without makeup, and be equally as confident.

I dont think we should all stop wearing makeup, I don't think makeup is bad at all. It is amazing that makeup gives us so much confidence, I believe makeup is a form of art and self expression.
But I do think there should be less pressure to wear makeup.

I would love for you to share with me your makeup free selfies or even just let me know your thoughts ( twitter- @_ellabellax).

Fancy some self care? Follow my pamper routine here.

Ellie x

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