How To Stay Motivated?

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Motivation is key to success. I am a strong believer that dedication and hard work will make dreams come true. I am a motivated person, it is just a part of my personality, I enjoy being productive!
However there are times where I just cannot be bothered and procrastinate. The dreaded word.
Sound familiar? I have some tips for you!


I know, another dreaded word- exercise. Everyone says exercise makes you feel more energised and motivated ... but guess what? IT ACTUALLY DOES!!!

Exercise is incredible for lifting your mood, putting you into a positive mindset. Honestly if you can work out in the morning, I 10/10 recommend because it will leave you in a motivated mindset for the rest of the day.

Exercise= lifting weights, the gym, cardio, treadmill etc... No.  Exercise can be just as mentally effective when less intense, for example going for a 10 minute stroll, or doing 10 minutes of yoga in your room from a youtube video, stretching etc.. 

I love to take my dog (Teddy) for a morning walk every day and I find it wakes me up AND makes me feel more energised. Of course intense exercise works for some people, but if it is not your thing, it does not have to be!

Set *achievable* goals

Setting goals is a really simple task but it can be so effective in terms of motivation, however the goals you set must be achievable, if your goal is unrealistic you will feel demotivated and down when you don't achieve it, if you set realistic goals, you are much more likely to achieve them and therefore feel even more motivated.

Goals can be made in the short term, every day, or in the long term. I like to do a mixture of both. Everyday I like to have a to do list, throughout the day wanting to get all of the tasks done motivates me to work faster and to stop procrastinating. 

However some goals cannot be achieved in a day, for example, I personally want to be more mindful, this will not happen overnight, but maybe if I practice one mindful task everyday, I will slowly become more mindful throughout the year.
Goals are not just for January!


Being motivated, getting things done, working hard and being productive is great but it is impossible to be productive 24/7- I have learnt that the hard way!  If you try to be productive all the time, you will run out of battery and lose motivation.

It is vital to have a healthy balance between work + life. Rest will increase your productivity, once you have had a break and had time to wind down, you will be more motivated and mentally prepared for the next day.

Take time to watch netflix, to read, to socialise, to paint your nails, to have a pamper night.. whatever YOU want to do for at least an hour every day!

Get inspired

When I really feel like I cannot be bothered I like to get inspired by girl bosses, inspiring stories and even quotes. Be that person who googles 'inspiring quotes' 'motivating quotes'! #Noshamehere

Follow people who inspire you. For motivation when it comes to my blog, taking pictures and writing  posts I love reading other blogs and feeling inspired by all of the creativity and hard work, I love Em Sheldon, she always puts so much detail in her posts, her photos are always such high standard, her videos are edited so well and she is so active on social media- how does she do it? Superwoman!

Whoever that is, whatever that it.  Sometimes we just need a little inspiration you know! 

If you would like more tips on productivity, I have a post all about being a morning person: here

Ellie x

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