My Autumn Essentials:

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Autumn is here, I think we all know that now! The blog posts about autumn are live, people are set for blogtober and we are all loving our warm drinks and cosy evenings. I absolutely love autumn, mainly because I love festivities, being cosy and the fashion!

I decided to jump onto the blogging trend of sharing my autumn essentials, basically just a few things I love during autumn.

1) Teddy Coat

When I first saw Teddy Coats I must admit, I was not a fan. I thought they look like a dressing gown and I just wasn't sure, but gradually, the more I have seen teddy coats the more I love them, and I now have one. I have worn it so much already, it is the best because it feels like you are wearing a warm cosy blanket but you look fashionably acceptable- the best bit is that I got my teddy coat from Primark, only £25!!

2) A staple cream knit jumper

Now can you really get through autumn/winter without a cream knit? Leggings, jeans, skirts, trousers, even over a dress... the options are endless. If you haven't purchased a cream jumper yet, I would 100% recommend buying one as it will see you through until the summer (especially if you live in England haha)

Ignore the pineapple garden lights haha defo not autumnal

3) Cosy blankets

I think this is pretty self explanatory, you need a cosy blanket at this time of year. The evenings are chilly, there is not a nicer feeling than being all snuggled up with a blanket whilst it is cold outside- the BEST!

4) Warm drinks

Tea, hot chocolate, coffee, whatever warm drink you want, any will do, is a must! I may sound like I am exaggerating and being dramatic (which I probably am) but seriously, I need a tea in the am. How can I get through a cold day in autumn without a warm drink? It is just a must. Pumpkin spiced lattes are BACK (though I am yet to try one... terrible blogger I know).

5) A good tv series/ youtube binge

I am not one to go out partying or out anywhere past 5pm tbh because I am 81 in an 18 year olds body. But seriously, find yourself a good series or some youtube videos and just chill. Much more cosy and appealing that roaming around in the cold. I have been binge watching Sophia and Cinzias channel recently.

6) Comforting food/snacks

This is in no way specific to autumn because I will say yes to a snack at any time of the year, but biscuits + tea + blanket + youtube= literal heaven. I am very easy to please, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this not so serious post, just sharing a few things I love during autumn! What do you love about autumn? What are your essentials?
Ellie x

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