Travel: My Goals and My Fears

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

"Travelling" is not something I have ever wanted to do, I do not have the desire to visit as many countries as possible, though I think it is amazing when people do! However I would definitely love to travel more, there are so many beautiful countries/cities/places that I would love to visit, to experience the culture, to see the sites and to explore. I love exploring and looking around somewhere new, the excitement of discovering new places, but I like to be able to come home at the end of the day- hence why I like visiting new cities or even villages near me.

There is a mixture of limitations that stop me traveling to the places I want to visit, the main obstacle being anxiety. Anxiety has held me back a lot, I mean there are just so many things associated with traveling that trigger my anxiety. I avoid travelling because of anxiety, however, that does not mean I cannot travel.

My biggest traveling accomplishment has to be London > NYC, the flight was the longest flight I had ever been on, it was the furthest I had ever been from home, but I enjoyed every minute (along with my mum!). Since NYC, I have realised that all the times I told myself I 'cant', I actually could- although I must admit, the flight definitely was not enjoyable and though I was completely grateful, there were times I wanted to be at home. Yet that does not take away from the amazing memories and experiences I now hold from visiting NYC. I have a whole post on my trip here.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not willing to hop onto a 8 hour flight any time care free because I have done it once, but if I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit NYC again, it would be 10x easier this time than last time because I know I can do it and have done it!

I have so many goals in terms of traveling and anxiety, obviously the ultimate goal is to be able to book holidays without planning every single detail and knowing every step and worrying every night since the day its booked, however I have some shorter term goals that are achievable, to help me take the right steps.

I would like to go on more 1 night city breaks, especially in the UK. There are so many amazing cities in the UK that I am yet to visit but would love to. What cities would you recommend visiting? I would love to visit Edinburgh, especially at Christmas, it looks amazing!

Travelling more of Europe is also a goal of mine, I really want to see more of Europe. I have been to Spain, France and Portugal, but what about Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia, Budapest and of course so many more! Europe holds such amazing countries that are not even far away by plane, it would be incredible to experience all of the different European cultures. What countries in Europe have you visited?

How stunning is Santorini?!
I am not sure when I will visit these places, who with etc.. however I hope that one day I can read this and say "aw I have been there now".  Like I said, I do not have any huge traveling desires, but making memories and experiences in these different cities/countries would be amazing!

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear about your travels
Ellie x

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