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Sunday, 21 October 2018

 I thought I would share some of the things I have been loving recently as I realised that I had a few new discoveries that I have been using and obsessing over! I always love reading others blog posts which include new discoveries so I thought- why don't I do the same?! 

Cordially Invited- Book

Since Cordially Invited arrived in the post, I have been endlessly reading it and staring at the gorgeous imagery in awe. We all know Zoe has an eye for design and detail but this book expresses that at another level. The pure detail in each image and the effort that has been put into this book is actually unreal. Zoe really does show us how to make an occasion out of everything- as well as sharing some incredible recipes and tips. I have been particularly enjoying the autumn section, of course, it is really getting me in an autumnal mood. I can imagine this book being the perfect coffee table book as you could seriously spend so much time just looking at the images alone.

Buche de Noel- Cleanser 

Lush is one of the brands I absolutely love, their ethics, ingredients, products and even their shops. I especially love Lush in the autumn- a bath bomb is basically an essential aspect of a bath right? Now Buche de Noel is not a bath bomb but is actually a cleanser, apart of Lush's Christmas range *yes the C word already*.  It is basically Angels on Bare Skin with a bit extra. I take a small piece and work it  into my face with water, to create a paste. The ground almonds gently exfoliate, whilst the citrus brightens my skin. I find this cleanser really gentle, whilst also making my skin feel polished and soft. I do not use this to remove makeup, but as a step after removing makeup to make my face feel completely clean, I can see this becoming a staple- what will I do after Christmas!!

 Pumpkin Cupcake- Hand Gel

Whilst in America, NYC, I managed to get to a bath and body works. Which was so exciting, to those who live in America, this will seem so silly, but to those who do not have a bath and body works accessible to them, you will totally get my excitement! Now clearly this hand gel is very fitting for this season, hence why it hasn't left my handbag. It smells incredible, whilst making sure my hands are clean- perfect!

Blistex Med Plus- Lip balm

Possibly the most boring product in this post but a very necessary one, lip balm.

My lips are not loving autumn at all, they felt dry, chapped and sore- already. It hasn't even really become that cold yet! 

Now I love the lip balms that smell incredible and have cute packaging but I really needed a lip balm that was strong and would work, which is why I picked up this more 'medical' lip balm. It smells like medicine but it does the job, it has made my lips feel like lips again, definitely pick this up if you are suffering from dry lips too!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to share your current favourites with me too :)

Ellie x 

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