Top Tips For Finding Happiness

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Happiness is different to everything, our happiness is triggered by different things, people, achievements, etc... however there is one universal aspect to happiness- it makes us feel good. To smile, to laugh and to not take yourself to seriously really does make the world of difference.

I have recently found that it can be the littlest things in life that make me happy, I am very easy to please. But I don't think I am unique in this, we can all find happiness from the little things in life. It is all about recognising what means the most to you and what you are grateful for.

Top tips for a happier life

1) Be Grateful- this was briefly mentioned above, but being grateful makes a huge difference. Recently, I have started to take note of things I am grateful for when I feel down, angry, sad, basically anything but happy and I have realised that it puts me in a better mood. You realise that actually, you have what is important and you have something to be grateful for.
*Of course you should not feel the constant need to be happy, it is ok to have a bad/down day!

2) The Little Things- the things that bring me the most joy. A cup of tea, my favourite tv show, watching a youtube video, going for a walk with my dog, reading, having a bath..all of these things are minuscule compared to a holiday, a day out, a new car etc.. but honestly make me the happiest out of anything else.  Once you stop striving for big achievements and purchases etc.. the sooner you realise that you can be happy without these things (just as you can be happy with them too).

3) Balance- working too much and having no me too, not sleeping enough, saying 'yes' too much. The less time we take to have self care the more stressed and anxious we feel. Finding a balance is honestly one of the keys to happiness, when you allow more time for laughter, fun, family, relaxation and hobbies, you will naturally feel more optimistic. Balance is tricky to find, we are a generation of workaholics, but once you find your right balance (different for everyone), you will realise how important it is!
Read my post on coping with burnout here.

4) Confidence- though you cannot magically become confident, you can alter your attitude and make positive steps towards confidence. I have a whole post about confidence and ways to boost your confidence here if you would like to have a read. Overall, confidence helps you realise what you can achieve and what your passions are. Once you have the confidence to do the things you want to do, you will feel much more content.

5) Take a Step Back- not literally, step back and think about what is important. Those things that are really stressing you right now, probably, aren't that important. Now I am not trying to devalue your worries, but if you are stressing so much about an essay, have a think- is this essay the be all and end all? What will happen if I get it wrong? Why am I so stressed about this? There is so much more to life than most of the things we let stress us out so much, if that makes any sense. When you try to put things into perspective and realise what actually matters you will feel calmer.

10 things that make me happy:

1) Family
2) My Dog (considered him being top of the list ngl.. haha)
3) Walking (clears the mind)
4) Blogging (my PASSION!)
5) Tea (British girl right here)
6) Pamper nights (blog post- here)
7) New PJs + fresh sheets (granny @ 18)
8) Organising
9) Twitter  (fellow bloggers support means the world!)
10) Reality TV (relaxes me, guilty pleasure haha)

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments!

Ellie x

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